Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where Scott Inserts Foot in Mouth at Notacon

So.. Preview night.. I am a little twitchy after previewing NoSpex without a slide stack.. There is a really off the wall preview for a presentation on "Building the Digital City" by er.. Some guy. I didn't catch the name; the premise is very 40,000 foot, and as a pragmatic hacker, I had no clue what he was getting at. There was, however, a question about why the flat encyclopedia model took over the digital media world.

So, I had two immediate ideas. The first was that "article content" is really low barrier to entry. Anyone who paid attention in English class knows how to compose paragraphs and express an idea in bare text. I sat on that one, defending ASCII text seemed like a losing proposition. So the other, which I thought would be sympathetic, was decrying the death of HyperCard, which was the first moderately successful rich authoring environment in my mind. (Doesn't hurt that there was an "Apple is Evil" comment earlier stuck in my head.)

It wasn't until the next day, in a conversation with Mark Schumann that I understood why the presenter gave me an odd look. Turns out he was Marc Canter, one of the bright minds from the original Macromedia. So.. Ahem.. Making friends at Notacon 7!

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