Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where Scott Whines About SecDev Burnout..

So, I spent last 45 days spending all of my out-of-band coding time working on NoSpex -- a realtime graphing library for process display and analysis. That is my karmic punishment for jokingly suggesting "Hey, I could graph threads talking to each other in my recent reverse engineering project" for a proposal in response to Notacon 7.

The presentation was way too early for me, a west coaster in Ohio, and seemed too early for the con in general. I appreciate N7's staff for having me, I was not too friendly in the whole proposal process, so I deserved that "first slot on the first day" spot. That said, having spent 45 days working on something almost as complicated as the first rounds of Mosquito or IPAF to an audience of 20 was pretty disappointing.

I am going to dedicate my out-of-band time for the next month or two to game development; maybe a Seven Day Roguelike. It is not very well timed, with Blackhat and DefCon's Call for Papers windows opening up, but a little fun is in order.

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